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Access Plan – Year End Sale

Because economic situation remains tough for many companies, and is a manner to compress your Microsoft or Oracle spend, we are happy to launch for all new customers a limited offer until December 31, 2020 with 50% discount applicable on all Access Plan prices. Because Access plan corresponds to a credit for one optimized […]

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SAM Return of Investment – the 3 Golden Rules

From Risk & Cost Avoidance, to real Cash savings The question of SAM RoI is often raised by customers, especially those who hesitate into purchasing SAM Solutions. YES, you can get RoI with SAM Solutions with 3 Golden Rules: The RoI of your SAM Solution directly comes from its helping you make decisions on you […]

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Crisis Exit Offer

To better support organisations which experience economical difficulties in this Covid-19 pandemic, launches success fees. Concretely, here is how it works: Cherry on the cake ? To help you get the most out of, we include up to 3 free consulting services man.days with our licensing experts. The only risk you take is […]

Feature Marketing Use Case works with

Why would we have to choose between and other SAM Tools? Actually, does not aim at replacing one large existing SAM tool like Flexera Flexnet, Snow software SLM or Aspera SmartTrack. As previously mentionned, here, our approach is to make a deep dive on some selected SW products, and bring to the customers […]

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Yes we did it ! has been been awarded by the ITAM REVIEW in the ITAM Technology & Service Innovation 2020 category. On behalf of the entire #elée team, we are grateful for this recognition by the market. Thank you to the judging committee, the ITAM Review, and the ITAM community. With, we […]

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Who is for ?

This is direct question for those who might want to know more about our positioning, and more globally to compare our tool to other tools in the market. Let’s figure it out, positionning is close to strategy, and what we strongly believe on. So let me provide an answer in 3 sections. Where do we […]