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SAM Return of Investment – the 3 Golden Rules

From Risk & Cost Avoidance, to real Cash savings

The question of SAM RoI is often raised by customers, especially those who hesitate into purchasing SAM Solutions.

YES, you can get RoI with SAM Solutions with 3 Golden Rules:

  1. The RoI of your SAM Solution directly comes from its helping you make decisions on you SW spend.
  2. To get immediate benefits, accept to first tackle a limited scope of products, but do it well, with accuracy, from A to Z. And then continue with a second scope of products…
  3. Each scope of products should be processed fast, as a sprint, in a few days or 2-3 weeks at most.

Rather than providing now a long detailed written answer, let me illustrate these 3 Golden Rules with two pictures below:

What your SAM Solution must execute fast for a given scope of product licenses
….And what are the real financial benefits you can expect, only for Windows Server / System Center & CIS licenses (extracted from a real customer use case)

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