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March 2021 – Product Terms – Azure Dev/Test Pricing

March Product Term is released with the usual monthly changes. This month Microsoft has decided to add a paragraph into the Azure Services entry. Note : it is also a good opportunity to test the “Compare with current” functionality of the new Product Terms Site. Nothing new, but a kind reminder from Microsoft in case […]

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Microsoft Product Terms – December 2020 – Power Apps Promo

The last monthly Product Terms document released by Microsoft contains a new promotion : “ Power Apps Promotion for EA, EAS, and CSP Customers”, on page 110. You may have noticed it unless you felt asleep reading one of the previous 109 pages … Microsoft communicates on fact that the company is in Gartner’s Magic […]

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Azure Hybrid Benefit for Red Hat and Suse

Since many years, Linux and Windows Server are peacefully coexisting into customers datacenters, so it is not a surprise to find the same repartition into cloud provider’s multitenant infrastructures. Nothing new from a licensing perspective, considering that it was already possible to BYOS (Bring Your Own Subscription) on Azure. However, Microsoft announced a new Hybrid […]