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Microsoft licensing in the Cloud – Part 1

Ever heard of Bring your own license ?

We are happy to announce that has been updated to manage Bring you own License into AWS.

Can I use my Windows Server licenses ? my SQL Server licenses ? with or without Software Assurance ? Is there some metric restrictions ? What if I purchased my VM prior or after the 1st of October 2019 ? What if I purchased my Licenses prior or after the 1st of October 2019 ? Can I use my licenses both on prem and within AWS at the same time ? Is it still possible even if AWS is one of the 4 cloud providers listed by Microsoft ? How should I count my ByoL if I purchased dedicated instances EC2 ? And if it is dedicated hosts ? And if it is shared instances….

Everyting is in the Box.

Coming soon, Byol in another cloud, by Mid-April 2020.

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Market news SAM Strategy Thoughts

Who is for ?

This is direct question for those who might want to know more about our positioning, and more globally to compare our tool to other tools in the market.

Let’s figure it out, positionning is close to strategy, and what we strongly believe on. So let me provide an answer in 3 sections.

Where do we stand today compared to our competitors & partners ?

The comparison matrix below shows where we stand compared to other SAM Tool providers across 10 key characteristics:

SamBox.ioSAM Tool providers like Snow, Flexera, Aspera, ServiceNow…
1) SW CoverageOnly
Windows Server/System Center,
or SQL Server,
or Oracle Database & Middleware
so far
Very Wide
(almost all SW Vendors)
2) Acquisition of SAM Tool100% Online
Public prices, online payment, immediate provisioning of service
Traditional approach
(meeting with sales, quotes, negotiation, deal, installation)
3) Technical Integration / InstallationNo need
100% SaaS, immediate use
Technical architecture depends on the number of devices to be inventoried, and scope of SW to be addressed
4) Ingestion of Acquisitions & EntitlementsFast
Only needed for the delineated SW scope being analyzed. To be filled in into Excel
Requires functional integration
(via consulting services, or training of users).
To be filled in into the SAM Tool
5) Ingestion and/or setting of licensing rulesNo need
Specific engine for each SW Product family, including all detailed licensing rules & specificities
Requires functional integration
(via consulting services, or training of users).
To be filled in into the SAM Tool
6) Discovery capabilitiesFocused on the SW Product family
Through connectors or dedicated scripts
Very Wide
(almost all SW Vendors)
7) Data QualityData quality directly driven on the delineated SW scope being analyzed
Quality can then easily be improved, directly in the Excel spreadsheet
Data quality indicators for the global SW Scope
Not necessarily easy to know what is wrong for one dedicated SW Compliance snapshot
8) Compliance calculationImmediate & fully automatedDepends on the SAM Tool
Calc can be quite long, and quite complicated to refresh if input data needs to be modified.
9) Optimized Compliance snapshot – best license allocation schemeImmediate & fully automatedDepends on the SAM Tool
Very limited capabilities; requires human being in-depth SAM knowledge to optimize
10) Support on licensing rulesIncluded
Immediate access to licensing expert
On top
via consulting services or profesionnal services

OK, and why such a positioning ? has been released late 2019 whereas SAM Tools like Snow Software, Flexera, Eracent, 1-E, Ivanti … were first introduced 5 to 10 years ago. But Elée, who is the publisher, is also a 9 year old SAM consulting company, pure player, with a very strong record of SAM projects in many customer environments, on many SW Vendors. That is the benefit of hindsight. For the past 5 years, we have worked on many SAM Tool integration projects, and we do have a good overview of key success factors for such projects, associated benefits, but also sometimes the hurdles and all the difficulties which can make such projects quite complex. That is why, before releasing, we have taken a step back and analyze the situation.

Traditional SAM Tools are very powerful because they usually embedd very extended discovery capabilities, they cover the widest scope of Softwares as possible, very large catalogs of SKU, of Software Signatures, and they are very adapted for global SAM steering within a large company (many vendors, many indicators to follow, overall performance of SAM).

The thing is that such SAM Tools are like ERP for licenses, and like for any other ERP Software, when you invest 1$ in the SW, you need to invest 5 to 10$ on integration services to make it work. ROI exist, definitely, but likely more on a 3-5 year cycle than on a 12 to 24 months expected max period. Customers are not always prepared to that, and we have faced a lot of situation where integration services budgets were then too much compressed. Unfortunate consequences are:

  • lack of reliability on license positions (with then still a high level of risk when audits raise),
  • the feeling that the company does not get the value for money…
  • … and the overall legitimacy of the SAM members being challenged into the company (versus outsourced managed services for example). has then been thought to be a tool that does not cover an area of softwares as wide of traditional tools, but that eases as much as possible the SAM cycle on very well delineated perimeters. Key characteristics of are then :

  • Built on verticals, each of them adressing one accurate and delineated scope of softwares (1 vertical for Windows Server/System Center, 1 vertical for SQL Server, 1 vertical for Oracle DB & middlewares, and other verticals to come in 2020),
  • Fast running of a full license position from data collection to optimized balance, in a couple of clicks (less than 10 clicks, 10 min computation time end to end),
  • Highest level of reliability and optimization on the vertical (including a unique easy-going data quality improvement feature),
  • No integration or consulting services needed, no hidden cost, fastest ROI in the market.

With such a differentiating approach, we know that we will never cover the same wideness of SW vendors than traditional SAM Tools, but our moto is to focus on the verticals where value for money are the highest:

  • Software scope that generally represents a large spend on IT budget,
  • Software scope that have complex licensing rules, tricky contracts that are hard to manage and control,
  • Software scope for which financial stakes are high (either to mitigate compliance risks, and/or to optimize and generate savings),
  • Software and services either on premise or delivered by Cloud providers.

Concretely, we believe that you should not need us to calculate your license position on Microsoft Visio or Projects, but for complex Microsoft metrics, Oracle licensing, IBM, SAP, Adobe…. it may be different. We will soon release early 2020 our roadmap for the begining of next year.

Who is for then ? serves both large companies as well as small and medium business. But contexts may be different:

  • For large companies that have already implemented a SAM Tool (with success or not!), can run on top ! We have indeed developed interfacing capabilities which enables to extract the data out of a SAM Tool, process them into, and even re-inject the results into the SAM Tool. Why would companies do that ? Well, main reason is the reliability and optimization seeking, and when we talk about large companies, optimization on SQL or Oracle can definitely be huge amounts of money !!
  • For large companies that have not yet purchased a SAM Tool and do not have an extended budget, is a great opportunity to get started with SAM automation. Cost is much cheaper than other SAM Tool, and it does not imply to think of it as big project.
  • For Small & Medium businesses, we are truly convinced that is the best way to go.
    • First, because SAM may not be as strategic as for large companies (because SW spend is not large enough for them, fortunately),
    • Second, because a pragmatic tactical approach may lead IT managers – with transversal responsabilities from infrastructure to applications – to only consider SAM when risks are the highest, and not for all vendors
    • Third, small and medium businesses are not used to have recourse to consulting or integration services (because IT budget are maybe more constraint than for large companies!), and offers that seamless SAM journey without any additional fees (even questions on licensing rules are included into the support of

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Announcement Event Market news Uncategorized at the IT Forums innovation on Dec 10th

We are happy to announce that have been selected by the IT Forums innovation committee in France to candidate for the 15th edition of the Tech Innovation Trophy!

This event is organized by the CRiP (“Comité des Responsables informatiques de Production”, meaning IT Production Management Committee). The CRiP is a renowned association in France aiming at helping CIO & Production IT Managers drive their business according to best practices, understanding market trends and innovations, and creating a strong and large network of IT professionals. More than 400 french companies are members (90% of them are large companies part of the CAC40 / SBF120 stock market index), and +10 000 IT professionals have already attended a CRiP event.

14 CTOs and CIO of french large organizations will be members of Jury (like Bank of France, Essilor, Thales, Peugeot Group, Crédit Agricole, Generali, Bouygues Telecom…). On the starting line, 50 startups and only 5 minutes to pitch and convince.

Let’s play with that rules !!!

and because it is all about pitching and explaining what we do, I can’t resist to post this excellent video recommended by a colleague of mine:

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Announcement Market news

Oracle Database+Options & Middleware available on Dec 9th

After SQL Server, Windows Server / SCCM / CIS, we are excited to announce that our Oracle compliance engine will be released on on the 9th of Dec.

More than +300 Oracle projects already driven with the engine by our consultants; Many use cases applicable with such a tool :

  • Simple license snapshot,
  • Audit Defense,
  • ULA Exit declaration (and all the associated preliminary and following work to secure as much as possible that move, like opportunity study to exit, continuous monitoring of compliance post ULA…),
  • License transfer scheme across entities,
  • What if scenarios,
  • Move to Cloud,
  • Best NUP/CPU allocation for (huge !) savings purpose…

More info to come soon on the detailed features of this engine.

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Market news mentioned by the ITAM Review

Happy to share with you that only a few days after launch, we have had the honor to be quoted by the ITAM Review team during their last podcast session.

As from 2’20.

I strongly encourage you to subscribe to their monthly podcast: easy way to remain up to date on any IT Asset management news, and the garantee to put you in good mood!

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Announcement Market news

Replay of our first Webinar is launched.

It is now time to let know about it. French customers who already know us have had the opportunity to attend our first webinar driven on the 17th of October 2019. We thank you for the large audience you have offered to us.

For those who want to know more about, here is the replay (french speaking webinar).

Webinar in english will be conducted before Eof 2019.

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Announcement Market news


This is the starting point. is up and running We are excited and pround to launch our new platform dedicated to Software Asset Management. We have worked hard for the past months to implement it, and we are now looking forward to reinventing easy Software Asset Management for customers.

Who we are is a new product launched end of 2019. We are a tech team, fully employed & integrated inside the Elée company ( Elée is a 9 year old independant company, created late 2010, dedicated to IT Asset management and more specifically Software Asset Management. We propose consulting services, integration services, managed services around SAM… and now the 100% web Tech platform Elée is 100% on customer side : we help customer build their SAM, reducing their risk if existing, and generate savings on SW expenses. Elée is a pure player of SAM, now +60 employees, leader on the French market and Europe, with one of the largest workforce on SAM across the world. We have been quoted twice in 2018 and 2019 in the Gartner Market Guide for SAM Managed Services.

Why did we launch

Within Elée, we have the culture of tooling and analytics; since the beginning of Elée, we have always created, developed , maintained  many set of tools for our own purpose, to be more efficient and accurate in the advise we deliver to our customers.

The algorithms behind have first been used in 2015 by our consultants at Elée. The release of as a standalone self service platform accessible either for end customer or partners is then a logical move for us, but definitely a strong innovation for customers! We are even convinced that the combination of self-service platform & consulting services on top can be a the most adapted solution for some customers with specific needs.

Why is this innovating?

Elée has worked a lot in the past few years on various and well-known SAM Tools of the market. We have integrated them on different customer environments, achieved key software vendors onboardings into these platforms, and adapted the SAM processes accordingly. We know how powerful these tools could be, and we also know the level of effort we have to dedicate to make such tools deliver the expected promises. Elée is a partner of some of these key SAM SW Vendors, like Snow Software, and we are happy to work together and help customers to seek for advanced automation & industrialization. is not just another SAM Tool. Rather than competing for the largest SW Vendors coverage, we have chosen to structure our offer of service Verticals, highly automated, for which you will be able to establish a license position with limited effort. It is not only a matter of better user experience, for each of these verticals, our objective is to deliver the most optimized license position on each of the vertical (least residual compliance risk if existing, largest value of licenses on shelf if possible).

Get started – Happy to welcome you

Potentiellay interested by the offer or just curious? Just sign up, take a tour and make use of our free demo environment! Looking forward to meeting you on the platform!

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