Feature SAM Strategy

Reduce your license consumption, for real

License optimization is not simple buzzwords applied to Software Asset Management. While accurate and reliable results remain first priority of our customers, optimization of licenses should also be essential prior to make any purchase decision. #OptimizationFeature

Feature Marketing Use Case works with

Why would we have to choose between and other SAM Tools? Actually, does not aim at replacing one large existing SAM tool like Flexera Flexnet, Snow software SLM or Aspera SmartTrack. As previously mentionned, here, our approach is to make a deep dive on some selected SW products, and bring to the customers […]

Feature Thoughts

Licensing optimization – Stake of dynamic optimized license assignment

When it comes to license position establishement, we can sometimes hear that licensing is a matter of “interpretation”, and there is not one single true “licensing position”. Well, I must say that I do not necessarily share such starting assumptions, even though I definitely end up with same outcomes. Let me explain: Having multiple interpretations […]