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Yes we did it ! has been been awarded by the ITAM REVIEW in the ITAM Technology & Service Innovation 2020 category.

On behalf of the entire #elée team, we are grateful for this recognition by the market. Thank you to the judging committee, the ITAM Review, and the ITAM community.

With, we have worked hard innovating and proposing a new SAM tooling offer in the market. We have the chance to meet a lot of customers within Elee, we lead more than 200 SAM projects every year. Different type of projects: Audit défense of course, but also discovery projects, automation, chargeback, SW cost savings, cloud, bring your own license… well large spectrum of customer use cases

So when we made the decision to launch a new SAM solution in the market, we really had in mind to stick to customers’ concrete concerns, and we wanted to make sur that this new service would help them make the right decisions. Because we do believe again that when you want to tackle one SW issue, like preventing a SW spend decrease, or even decreasing SW spend, customers need to make difficult decisions, based on accurate data, in depth analysis.

We are now happy to see that these efforts are recognized by the market as real added value and innovative service.

Congratulations to all nominees and other winners.

Announcement Market news

Microsoft licensing in the Cloud – Part 2

Of course you guessed it after after first announcement a few days ago.

There it is : now manages Bring you own License into Microsoft Azure.

Ever heard of Hybrid Use Benefit ? Can I use my Windows Server licenses ? my SQL Server licenses ? In IaaS only, or in PaaS mode ? with or without Software Assurance ? ….

Many many questions when it comes to know whether we have the right to use our own licenses into Azure or not… and even when it seems we can, not that easy to determine how many licenses would be consumed, given the fact counting rules into Azure are different from on premise environment. Moreover, if you use Server and Cloud Enrollment contract, you may benefit from specific rules that would enable you to have concurrent use, on premise and in Azure. Either for a migration period, or for a longer time depending on your edition !

Again, our Microsoft consultants have worked hard to specify all these new rules, and Everyting is now in the Box !

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Microsoft licensing in the Cloud – Part 1

Ever heard of Bring your own license ?

We are happy to announce that has been updated to manage Bring you own License into AWS.

Can I use my Windows Server licenses ? my SQL Server licenses ? with or without Software Assurance ? Is there some metric restrictions ? What if I purchased my VM prior or after the 1st of October 2019 ? What if I purchased my Licenses prior or after the 1st of October 2019 ? Can I use my licenses both on prem and within AWS at the same time ? Is it still possible even if AWS is one of the 4 cloud providers listed by Microsoft ? How should I count my ByoL if I purchased dedicated instances EC2 ? And if it is dedicated hosts ? And if it is shared instances….

Everyting is in the Box.

Coming soon, Byol in another cloud, by Mid-April 2020.

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SQL Server 2019

No sooner had it been released than it is already managed into

We have updated our SQL Server engine, reflected new rules, and are ready to optimize these new licenses & installations.

Announcement Event Market news Uncategorized at the IT Forums innovation on Dec 10th

We are happy to announce that have been selected by the IT Forums innovation committee in France to candidate for the 15th edition of the Tech Innovation Trophy!

This event is organized by the CRiP (“Comité des Responsables informatiques de Production”, meaning IT Production Management Committee). The CRiP is a renowned association in France aiming at helping CIO & Production IT Managers drive their business according to best practices, understanding market trends and innovations, and creating a strong and large network of IT professionals. More than 400 french companies are members (90% of them are large companies part of the CAC40 / SBF120 stock market index), and +10 000 IT professionals have already attended a CRiP event.

14 CTOs and CIO of french large organizations will be members of Jury (like Bank of France, Essilor, Thales, Peugeot Group, Crédit Agricole, Generali, Bouygues Telecom…). On the starting line, 50 startups and only 5 minutes to pitch and convince.

Let’s play with that rules !!!

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Oracle Database+Options & Middleware available on Dec 9th

After SQL Server, Windows Server / SCCM / CIS, we are excited to announce that our Oracle compliance engine will be released on on the 9th of Dec.

More than +300 Oracle projects already driven with the engine by our consultants; Many use cases applicable with such a tool :

  • Simple license snapshot,
  • Audit Defense,
  • ULA Exit declaration (and all the associated preliminary and following work to secure as much as possible that move, like opportunity study to exit, continuous monitoring of compliance post ULA…),
  • License transfer scheme across entities,
  • What if scenarios,
  • Move to Cloud,
  • Best NUP/CPU allocation for (huge !) savings purpose…

More info to come soon on the detailed features of this engine.

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Replay of our first Webinar is launched.

It is now time to let know about it. French customers who already know us have had the opportunity to attend our first webinar driven on the 17th of October 2019. We thank you for the large audience you have offered to us.

For those who want to know more about, here is the replay (french speaking webinar).

Webinar in english will be conducted before Eof 2019.