Microsoft Windows Server 2022 : On the road again ♫♫

So here it is, admins & SAM are on the road again with Windows Server 2022 last release. Microsoft doesn’t make so many noise around this release, so what’s new ?

Even in our fast-changing IT world, some lights remain to guide us. Windows Server is one of them, with a new release each three years. Not only to improve the OS but also to try to convince you that you’ve made a good choice when you decide to pay software assurance on it. Is there something else at stake with this new release ?


Licensing does not change. Still “per core + CAL” model, still with edition specific virtualization rights, still with Azure Hybrid Use Benefit as a Software Assurance exclusive advantage.

Regarding Outsourcing Rights this new release is also the end of the installation rights on dedicated cloud hardware which were available until next windows Server release and installation.

Note : Keep an eye on your monthly product terms : “on October 1, 2021, all the Microsoft Azure Product terms will be consolidated under a single Microsoft Azure page.”


Servicing is no longer available under SAC (Semi Annual Channel). That’s the news, because Windows server Nano was available only under SAC. And with Nano came all the advanced virtualization scenarios for cloud applications : container, Kubernetes, … SAC was a Software Assurance exclusive benefit.

With each Windows Server release an Hyper-V free OS new version is generally also release. This is no longer relevant, and Hyper-V 2019 free OS is the last version. (Hyper-V role is still available on Windows Server).

And here comes Azure Stack HCI

Hyper-V OS and Nano features will now be available through Azure Stack HCI. It means that Microsoft will push more and more Azure Stack HCI to its customers, and there maybe incentives on it.

Are you ready for Windows Server 2022 ? Is Software Assurance mandatory in your context regarding servicing, cloud rights, …. ?

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