SAM Strategy Thoughts

Already +3 000 licensing positions!

That’s it!

I am happy to share that we have just run over +3 000 licensing positions!

So many snapshots since the first use of our compliance engine. Let’s assume that computes in ~5 min what usually require dozens of hours at least if done manually… without even the same level of reliability & optimization in the results (sorry to say that, but we’ve been through this period…)

  • we talk of ~4 500 man.days that have been saved…

What about you? Do you prefer to spend time assigning licenses, computing licensing rules, verifying, revising, starting over, again and again… Or don’t you think it would be preferable that you immediately bring added value in the roll out of optimization action plan… and maybe explain to you DBA that he may have activated some options that cause licensing issues, or validate with your infrastructure manager that he should change the config or their cluster?

Well, beyond the fact that helps you determine reliable and optimized results, basics of SAM return of investment is not to save time to reduce the SAM Workforce, but save time to better use it for actual savings purposes. We will later write a post on ROI and how to establish an efficient SAM Strategy & roadmap.