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This is the starting point. is up and running We are excited and pround to launch our new platform dedicated to Software Asset Management. We have worked hard for the past months to implement it, and we are now looking forward to reinventing easy Software Asset Management for customers.

Who we are is a new product launched end of 2019. We are a tech team, fully employed & integrated inside the Elée company ( Elée is a 9 year old independant company, created late 2010, dedicated to IT Asset management and more specifically Software Asset Management. We propose consulting services, integration services, managed services around SAM… and now the 100% web Tech platform Elée is 100% on customer side : we help customer build their SAM, reducing their risk if existing, and generate savings on SW expenses. Elée is a pure player of SAM, now +60 employees, leader on the French market and Europe, with one of the largest workforce on SAM across the world. We have been quoted twice in 2018 and 2019 in the Gartner Market Guide for SAM Managed Services.

Why did we launch

Within Elée, we have the culture of tooling and analytics; since the beginning of Elée, we have always created, developed , maintained  many set of tools for our own purpose, to be more efficient and accurate in the advise we deliver to our customers.

The algorithms behind have first been used in 2015 by our consultants at Elée. The release of as a standalone self service platform accessible either for end customer or partners is then a logical move for us, but definitely a strong innovation for customers! We are even convinced that the combination of self-service platform & consulting services on top can be a the most adapted solution for some customers with specific needs.

Why is this innovating?

Elée has worked a lot in the past few years on various and well-known SAM Tools of the market. We have integrated them on different customer environments, achieved key software vendors onboardings into these platforms, and adapted the SAM processes accordingly. We know how powerful these tools could be, and we also know the level of effort we have to dedicate to make such tools deliver the expected promises. Elée is a partner of some of these key SAM SW Vendors, like Snow Software, and we are happy to work together and help customers to seek for advanced automation & industrialization. is not just another SAM Tool. Rather than competing for the largest SW Vendors coverage, we have chosen to structure our offer of service Verticals, highly automated, for which you will be able to establish a license position with limited effort. It is not only a matter of better user experience, for each of these verticals, our objective is to deliver the most optimized license position on each of the vertical (least residual compliance risk if existing, largest value of licenses on shelf if possible).

Get started – Happy to welcome you

Potentiellay interested by the offer or just curious? Just sign up, take a tour and make use of our free demo environment! Looking forward to meeting you on the platform!